Increased Efficiency

EcoSol - for higher efficiency by a more sophisticated system design

Basically there are two "controls" for the working point of a heat pump:

The output figures of a heat pump increase,
  • the lower thw heter flow temperature and
  • the higher the brine flow temperature

The output figure is the ratio of total heat emission and electric consumption. A heat pump with performance of 12 kW Watt output and an electric connection of 3 kW result in an output figure of 4.0. The output is always defined the working point. Whereby the working points are determined by the temperatures on the primary side (heat source) and the secondary side (heating system).

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CoolPV - Cooled Photovoltaic by ecoTec Energy

Increased output by module cooling
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Better Operation Safety

EcoSol - Brine water pump by ecoTec Energy with increased operational safety
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EcoSol - Brine Water Pump by ecoTec Energy

High performence rates for heating system and non-potable water by means of hot gas
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Increased Efficiency by Lower Heater Flow Temperatures

EcoSol - for higher efficiency by lowering the heater flow tempertures
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Multi-fuel burner - the Burner for Many Oil Types by ecoTec Energy

Multi-fuel burner - the universal burner for almost all fuels, especially for operation with all vegetable oils, as well as biodiesel and heating oil
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