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Our Visions: Buldings as local miniature power plants

Roof constructions will change. They will be designed to carry energy panels producing more power than needed by the building itself. Surplus power will be "sold back" to the local utility company.

Our Innovation: Cooling of PV modules

We developed a technology for efficient cooling of PV modules. The system has been perfected and proved to work well in practical applications. The cooling process keeps the temperature in the solar panels below 25C (77F) which provides ideal conditions.

The modules produce significantly more power (up to 35%) and large amounts of thermal energy. These two factors make the cooling system extremely efficient. A PV system with an output of 3 kWp is able to cover the energy needs of a standard single family home.

Our Technology: Oval capillary tube technology

After more than 20 years of experience in the field of capillary cooling techniques, we obtained the patent for this technology and got it ready for series production.

While our competitors work with round capillary tube systems and use plastic material, we count on copper or stainless steel and have the most efficient heat exchanger in the market.

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Multi-fuel burner - the Burner for Many Oil Types by ecoTec Energy

Multi-fuel burner - the universal burner for almost all fuels, especially for operation with all vegetable oils, as well as biodiesel and heating oil
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Design of the Multi-Fuel Burner by ecoTec Energy

Mechanical structure of the multi-fuel burner
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Applications of ClimaSpeed

Healthy radiant heat from floor, wall, and ceiling
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CoolPV - Cooled Photovoltaic by ecoTec Energy

Increased output by module cooling
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